How would you answer the following?


  • Have my staff got employment contracts that are up to date and meaningful?
  • Do I always recruit the best person for my business?
  • Do I know what entitlements my staff have to maternity, paternity, parental, adoption and compassionate leave, and to take time off to deal with emergencies?
  • Do I know how to deal effectively with employees whose behaviour causes problems?
  • Do I know how to restructure my business without running into employment problems?
  • Do all my employees understand what’s expected of them and do they perform to the best of their ability?
  • Do I know how I can change my staff’s working arrangements (hours or pattern of work, duties, etc.)?
  • Do I know what to do when one of my employees becomes seriously ill and is unable to work for a long period? What about if they keep going off sick for short periods at a time – do I know how to tackle that?
  • Do I know what procedures I have to follow in order to make an employee redundant, retire an employee, deal with a staff complaint, deal with an employee’s request to change or reduce their working hours?
  • Would I know what to do if I received a tribunal claim?


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