The Issue

You are required in law to give your employees a written statement of their employment particulars on or before their start date. But how can you make sure you have legally compliant contracts which also protect your interests? After all you don’t want your employees to poach your clients or staff once they have learned all your trade secrets.

The Solution

We write all these documents for you and keep them up to date. We make sure that they meet your requirements rather than merely putting your business name to a set of standard templates. This is a genuinely bespoke service.

We advise giving employees a written statement of employment particulars when you offer them a job. That way it is clear what terms and conditions of employment they have agreed to work under, and you have the opportunity to include useful clauses, such as the right to request they work anti-social hours, or the right to change their place of work. You can also include restrictive covenants which can help prevent them setting up in competition with you or poaching your clients when they leave.

Further Help

Changing terms and conditions of employment can be tricky. The law stipulates that this can only be achieved by you and your employees agreeing to the changes. However, we can help you make the changes you need without facing claims of breach of contract. To find out more contact us.