The Issue

Parents have a wide range of employment rights and entitlements. Fathers and adopters have rights to paternity leave and paid shared parental leave. Parents of children under 18 have a right to parental leave. One of the adoptive parents also has a right to 52 weeks’ adoption leave. In addition, everyone is entitled to reasonable time off work to deal with emergencies related to a dependant – e.g. an elderly relative or a child. It is difficult to know how to deal with requests for leave when they are so varied and all different.

The Solution

Having procedures in place for all the types of family friendly leave helps employers, as well as employees. They can set out clearly the rules employees have to follow to access them, and support employers in dealing with requests for leave. We can help you draw up appropriate procedures and to introduce them to your staff.

Further Help

If you have need of immediate advice related to leave, please contact us without delay.