The Issue

You invest a lot in your staff through the cost of recruitment, paying salaries, national insurance, sick pay, holiday pay, etc. As with all investments you expect to receive a return – through their contribution to your business success. This is the case whether they are on the front line actually doing the work, e.g. making the product or delivering your service, or if they fulfil a back-office role. It is important, therefore, that you get the most out of your staff. What do you do when someone is under-performing? These are tricky issues. Everyone is different: some take longer than others to get to know their role before they become a top performer; some will always go the extra mile and take pride in giving their best; others will do the minimum to get by. Where do you draw the line?

The Solution

Performance management is about laying out the standards you expect – setting goals and targets. It is also about measuring performance, training and coaching those who need it, motivating employees to succeed, and tackling those who either can’t or won’t. A well constructed appraisal scheme can help you manage performance and we can help develop one that meets your needs.

Further Help

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